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    • English essayist (1775-1834)



    1. Elia
    2. Costa Viola e Monte S. Elia
    3. According to the information provided by the parties, Suez Energie Europe holds a minority stake of 27,5 % in Elia, manager of the electricity transmission network in Belgium.
    4. Since the parties are the prime suppliers of auxiliary services and balancing power to Elia, the Decision identifies the ability of and incentives for the parties to increase the cost of auxiliary services and balancing power to rivals.
    5. the Belgian national market for the production and wholesale of electricity: through the merger, the Belgian incumbent Electrabel (Suez) absorbs its largest competitor, whose power plants are situated on the middle to top parts of the merit curve [6]; this further strengthens the merged entity’s capacity to determine prices in the Belgian wholesale market for electricity,the national market for auxiliary services and balancing power, in which the merger combines the only two suppliers of most of these services to the transmission network operator Elia,