Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an improvement that makes something more agreeable




    1. Operating system enhancement software package
    2. Equipment designed for "image enhancement";
    3. Spreadsheets and enhancement software package
    4. equipment designed for "image enhancement";
    5. Enhancement and improved functioning of the Code.
    6. promoting further enhancement of the Code.
    7. logic processors; equipment designed for "image enhancement";
    8. Spreadsheets and enhancement software development services
    9. Enhancement of the positive environmental effects of the dairy sector
    10. Protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, including human habitat
    11. identifying an organisational structure supporting the enhancement of port security.
    12. credit enhancement through the monoline insurance subsidiary FSA;
    13. Promotion and enhancement of European armaments cooperation, in particular by:
    14. Bilateral coordination for the enhancement and development of S & T partnerships
    15. enhancement of the capacity of judicial bodies to more quickly assess return decisions appealed;