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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality





    1. 2 % to the Technology Evaluator.
    2. the Technology Evaluator Steering Committee, and
    3. ‘Technology Evaluator (TE)’ means the central activity established in accordance with Article 8(1).
    4. An independent Technology Evaluator shall be established for the entire duration of Clean Sky.
    5. An asset evaluator is defined as a person with appropriate academic qualifications and experience.
    6. chair the Steering Committee of the Technology Evaluator, participate as active observer to the ITD Steering Committees;
    7. The Governing Board shall decide on the composition and setting up of the Technology Evaluator Steering Committee.
    8. monitor the progress of the ITDs towards achieving the environmental goals, based on the assessments of the Technology Evaluator;
    9. An independent Technology Evaluator shall be established for the entire duration of Clean Sky. His tasks are:
    10. The evaluator must be independent, in the sense that the public authorities should not be entitled to issue orders as regards the result of the evaluation.
    11. In particular this annual report will include assessment results of the Technology Evaluator referred to in Article 8(1) of the Statutes, as appropriate.
    12. This distribution was obtained using a bottom-up approach, where the budgetary requirements of individual ITDs and the Technology Evaluator were mapped against their technical objectives.
    13. A major change in budget shall be a change in the order of 10 % of the budget of the ITD affected (or the Technology Evaluator).
    14. provision of logistical and administrative support to the Capacities, Cooperation and People Specific Programmes particularly in the areas of call publication, proposal reception and evaluation, contracting of evaluators, preparation of evaluator payments and financial viability checking.
    15. Reasons have to be based on clear grounds such as direct scientific rivalry, professional hostility, or similar situation which would impair or put in doubt the objectivity of the potential evaluator.