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to express-mail
    • send by express mail or courier



    1. Please send it by express mail.
    2. Won't you please send this letter by Express Mail?
    3. express mail,
    4. Turnover express + mail [30]
    5. From ‘traditional mail’ to ‘express’
    6. Ratio: Sernam’s express/traditional mail
    7. Ratio: Sernam’s express/traditional mail […] […] […] […]
    8. express/mail ratio (corrected for market effects)
    9. the non-reserved postal sectors (such as express mail);
    10. Sernam has chosen the TBE formula to progressively change over from traditional mail to express mail’.
    11. According to the French authorities: “The express mail companies use light road vehicles (12 t) to carry their express freight.
    12. This is because companies in the mail, parcels and express mail sectors are resorting increasingly to European calls for tenders.
    13. Consequently, Sernam needs this linkage with partners to be able to pursue its express mail strategy”.
    14. Express mail data in points (base 100 in 2000) (data corrected for market effects)
    15. Gross data Express mail in figures (without correction for market trend)