Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • geldafpersing door bedreiging met bekendmaking van ware of verzonnen feiten
  • the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)



Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • vexatie
  • unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)
"the extortion by dishonest officials of fees for performing their sworn duty"


Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an exorbitant charge



    1. Tom was the victim of an extortion attempt.
    2. Extortion
    3. Aggravated extortion
    4. racketeering and extortion;
    5.  racketeering and extortion;
    6. racketeering and extortion,
    7.  swindling;  racketeering and extortion;
    8. racketeering and extortion (1);
    9. racketeering and extortion
    10. Extortion, duress, pressure towards a representative of public authority
    11. extortion with a view to the perpetration of one of the offences listed in Article 1(1);
    12. Racketeering and extortion Demanding by threats, use of force or by any other form of intimidation goods, promises, revenues or the signing of any document containing or resulting in an obligation, alienation or discharge.
    13. Germany may by a declaration reserve its right to make the execution of an EEW subject to verification of double criminality in cases referred to in Article 14(2) relating to terrorism, computer-related crime, racism and xenophobia, sabotage, racketeering and extortion or swindling if it is necessary to carry out a search or seizure for the execution of the EEW, except where the issuing authority has declared that the offence concerned under the law of the issuing State falls within the scope of criteria indicated in the declaration.
    14.  Participation in a criminal organisation  Terrorism  Trafficking in human beings  Sexual exploitation of children and child pornography  Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances  Illicit trafficking in weapons, munitions and explosives  Corruption  Fraud, including that affecting the financial interests of the European Communities within the meaning of the Convention of 26 July 1995 on the protection of the European Communities' financial interests  Organised or armed robbery  Illicit trafficking in cultural goods, including antiques and works of art  Swindling  Racketeering and extortion  Counterfeiting and piracy of products  Forgery of administrative documents and trafficking therein  Forgery of means of payment  Illicit trafficking in hormonal substances and other growth promoters  Laundering of the proceeds of crime  Counterfeiting of currency, including the euro  Computer-related crime  Environmental crime, including illicit trafficking in endangered animal species and in endangered plant species and varieties  Facilitation of unauthorised entry and residence  Murder, grievous bodily injury  Illicit trade in human organs and tissue  Kidnapping, illegal restraint and hostage-taking  Racism and xenophobia  Illicit trafficking in nuclear or radioactive materials  Trafficking in stolen vehicles  Rape  Arson  Crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court  Unlawful seizure of aircraft/ships  Sabotage
    15. Where the execution of a European Evidence Warrant under Council Framework Decision 2008/978/JHA of 18 December 2008 on the European Evidence Warrant for the purpose of obtaining objects, documents and data for use in proceedings in criminal matters [1] requires search or seizure, the Federal Republic of Germany reserves the right under Article 23(4) of that Framework Decision to make execution subject to verification of double criminality in the case of the offences relating to terrorism, computer-related crime, racism and xenophobia, sabotage, racketeering and extortion and swindling listed in Article 14(2) of that Framework Decision, unless the issuing authority has stated that the offence in question meets the following criteria under the law of the issuing State:Terrorism An act which constitutes an offence within the meaning of and as defined in the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism of 13 April 2005, the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism of 9 December 1999 or within the meaning of one of the treaties listed in the annex thereto, or