Betekenis van:
firm up

to firm up
    • arrange firmly
    "firm up one's plans"




    1. It's all up with the firm.
    2. It is rumored that the firm is going to tie up with an American company.
    3. My future is closely bound up with the finances of my firm.
    4. The firm has built up a wide reputation for fair dealing.
    5. CWP was a firm which was in difficulty and for which a restructuring strategy was drawn up.
    6. Moreover, winding up the firm would mean forgoing an annual positive profit contribution of EUR [...]** from 2006.
    7. recommendations of quality reviews shall be followed up by the statutory auditor or audit firm within a reasonable period.
    8. The Commission observes however that none of these loans and guarantees constitutes a normal cost of winding up a firm.
    9. The purchaser of such a firm qualifies for aid in respect of the staff of the firm whom the purchaser agrees to employ, up to a ceiling of 550 employees.
    10. ‘EU parent investment firm’ means a parent investment firm in a Member State which is not a subsidiary of another institution authorised in any Member State or of a financial holding company set up in any Member State;
    11. Some of them set up a more detailed and systematic system of multilateral mutual control of quantities produced and sold by each firm.
    12. That firm shall check that the accounts have been drawn up in accordance with international accounting standards and accurately reflect the Centre's financial situation.
    13. The report drawn up on 29 March 2006 by Oddo Corporate Finance and the firm Paul Hastings (Oddo report) was sent to the Commission on 7 April 2006.
    14. The extent to which capital needs to be built up should be a function of the current capital position of the credit institution or investment firm.
    15. In January 2004 the board of the firm took the decision to suspend production and to draw up a project to convert the existing industrial facilities.