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    • any of the items furnishing or equipping a room (especially built-in furniture)
    "she liked the kitchen fitments"



    1. A pre-fitment strategy
    3. A is the tyre to rim fitment configuration.
    4. A or U is the tyre to rim fitment configuration.
    5. It is therefore deemed necessary to establish a hierarchical approach to pre-fitment based on the concept of pre-fitment stages.
    6. Pattern part replacement wheels shall satisfy the following requirements to guarantee proper fitment on the vehicle:
    7. The checks and documentation relevant to the wheel/vehicle fitment are described in Annex 10.
    8. an indication of the tyre to rim fitment configuration when it differs from the standard configuration.
    9. ‘Tyre to rim fitment configuration’ means the type of rim to which the tyre is designed to be fitted.
    10. A pre-fitting ERTMS/ETCS to Pre-fitment Stage 1 as defined under Paragraphs and on
    11. Its fitment will be compliant with prescriptions relative to vehicles forward vision [1] and interior fittings [2].
    12. with Class B functions and interfaces according to Annex B and pre-fitment for Class A, or
    13. Pre-fitment stage 3 shall apply for those assets earmarked for operation on the ETCS-Net backbone.
    14. However, for tyres identified by the ‘tyre to rim fitment configuration’ (see paragraph 3.1.11) symbol ‘A’, K shall be taken to equal 0.6.
    15. The details of pre-fitment are to be defined by subset 57 (on-board) and subset 59 (trackside equipment) to be appended to Annex A.