Betekenis van:
franchise tax

franchise tax
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a tax that is imposed by states on corporations; it depends both on the net worth of the corporation and on its net income attributable to activities within the state




    1. For the purpose of this Regulation:‘direct taxes’ means taxes on wages, profits, interests, rents, royalties, and all other forms of income, and taxes on the ownership of real property, ‘import charges’ means tariffs, duties, and other fiscal charges not elsewhere enumerated in this note that are levied on imports, ‘indirect taxes’ means sales, excise, turnover, value added, franchise, stamp, transfer, inventory and equipment taxes, border taxes and all taxes other than direct taxes and import charges, ‘prior-stage’ indirect taxes are those levied on goods or services used directly or indirectly in making the product, ‘cumulative’ indirect taxes are multi-staged taxes levied where there is no mechanism for subsequent crediting of the tax if the goods or services subject to tax at one stage of production are used in a succeeding state of production, ‘remission’ of taxes includes the refund or rebate of taxes, ‘remission or drawback’ includes the full or partial exemption or deferral of import charges.