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freeboard deck

freeboard deck
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the uppermost watertight deck



    1. It is therefore required that the ship is modelled to at least three super structure standard heights above the bulkhead (freeboard) deck so that the large waves of the wave train do not break over the model.
    2. .1.6.2 Where the freeboard is such that the edge of the bulkhead deck is immersed when the ship heels 5 ° or less, the drainage of the enclosed cargo spaces on the bulkhead deck shall be led to a suitable space, or spaces, of adequate capacity, having high water level alarm and provided with suitable arrangements for discharge overboard.
    3. .1.6.1 Where the freeboard to the bulkhead deck is such that the deck edge is immersed when the ship heels more than 5 °, the drainage shall be by means of a sufficient number of scuppers of suitable size discharging directly overboard, fitted in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 15.
    4. If there is more than one subdivision load line, the alternative conditions shall be identified by the notations C.2, C.3, C.4 etc. [2]..3 The freeboard corresponding to each of these load lines shall be measured at the same position and from the same deck line as the freeboards determined in accordance with the International Convention on Load Lines in force.
    5. length between perpendiculars (LBP) is to be at least 3 m or a length corresponding to a model scale of 1:40, whichever is greater, and the vertical extent up to at least three superstructure standard heights above the bulkhead (freeboard) deck;
    6. ‘bow height’ means the bow height defined in Regulation 39 of the 1966 International Convention on Load Lines as the vertical distance at the forward perpendicular between the waterline corresponding to the assigned summer freeboard and the designed trim and the top of the exposed deck at side;