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future date

future date
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a particular day in the future that is specified as the time something will happen



    1. it is settled at a future date.
    2. Future contracts shall be recorded on the trade date in off-balance-sheet accounts.’
    3. From the cash changeover date, a future Eurosystem NCB shall observe the following accounting and financial reporting obligations:
    4. ‘cash changeover date’ means the date on which euro banknotes and coins become legal tender in a given future participating Member State;
    5. ‘Peak Exposure’ means a high percentile of the distribution of exposures at any particular future date before the maturity date of the longest transaction in the netting set.
    6. 22 If the future minimum funding contribution required in respect of the future accrual of benefits exceeds the future IAS 19 service cost in any given year, the present value of that excess reduces the amount of the asset available as a reduction in future contributions at the balance sheet date.
    7. the guarantee/indemnification relates to events that had already occurred by the date of the granting of this guarantee/indemnification and not for any future events.
    8. the provisions of section (Braking Performance elements) deceleration profile in braking power, for which a date of implementation will be given in future revisions of the TSI.
    9. In some cases it is appropriate to review the expiry date of these exemptions in order to provide sufficient time to eliminate the prohibited substances in the future.
    10. the litigation relates to events that had already occurred by the date of the indemnity undertaking and not to any future events.
    11. Italy shall cancel all future payments of the aid referred to in Article 1 with effect from the date of adoption of this Decision.
    12. The model shall then compute the exposure value for the netting set at each future date given the changes in the market variables.
    13. Therefore the price payable under the Put Option would depend on imponderables subject to future developments and could be determined only at a specific date after accession.
    14. Future amendments to the Convention shall be published by the Commission in the Official Journal of the European Union indicating their date of entry into force.
    15. Euro banknotes and coins returned by eligible counterparties on or after the cash changeover date shall likewise be credited to their respective accounts with future Eurosystem NCBs.