Betekenis van:
gas service

gas service
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • bedrijf dat gas levert
  • a public utility that provides gas




  1. I usually gas up the car at this service station.
  2. Gas is a little cheaper with self-service, now that deregulation is kicking in.
  3. Cleaning service of exhaust gas (CPC 94040)
  4. 05 Contract of service - electricity, gas, water, phone
  5. service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction excluding surveying,
  6. service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction, see 11.20,
  7. service activities in connection with oil and gas exploitation,
  8. Extraction of crude petroleum, natural gas and mining support service activities
  9. In none of those cases did the service station sell natural gas.
  10. Ownership of the natural gas service stations and identity of the aid recipients
  11. ‘Service pressure’ means the settled pressure at a uniform gas temperature of 15 °C.
  12. 05 Contract of service - electricity, gas, water, phone 06 Contract of service - medical services 07 Contract of service - transport 08 Contract of service - legal, tax, technical advice 09 Contract of service - hotel, restaurant
  13. For raw exhaust gas analyzers only, the oxygen interference check shall be performed when introducing an analyzer into service and after major service intervals.
  14. In particular, all consumers shall have the right to a good standard of service and complaint handling by their gas service provider.
  15. prohibit the registration, sale, entry into service or use of new vehicles propelled by a compression-ignition or gas engine;