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geographic area

geographic area
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a demarcated area of the Earth




    1. Proposed eligible geographic area
    2. precise boundary of the geographic area,
    3. limit excess concentration to individual obligor or geographic area; and
    4. The country or geographic area to which the measured statistical phenomenon relates.
    5. Name of the geographic area as referred to in Article 7a(1)
    6. Requires the geographic bounding box INSPIRE metadata element to intersect a defined area of interest
    7. These priorities may be defined by thematic area of activity, by geographic criteria or both;
    8. It exceeds, thus, the geographic area on which the sanction applies, namely the EEA.
    9. the tonnage and the geographic area of the catch of bluefin tuna to be transhipped.
    10. from a geographic area not under the jurisdiction of any country, to a country;
    11. In the area of servers, the relevant geographic market must be considered to be worldwide or at least Europe-wide.
    12. the protected products are marketed exclusively bottled from wineries registered and located in the delimited geographic area, and
    13. What is the geographic area of the proposed introduction? Describe the habitats, ecosystem and protection status of the receiving environment.
    14. estimated quantity of bluefin tuna retained on board, and information on the geographic area where it was taken;
    15. ‘resource’ means an information resource that has a direct or indirect reference to a specific location or geographic area,