Betekenis van:
good faith

good faith
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • having honest intentions
    "he acted in good faith"
    "doubt was expressed as to the good faith of the immigrants"




    1. We acted in good faith.
    2. He did it in good faith.
    3. The information is provided in good faith, however we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
    4. Good faith of the company
    5. Good faith and abuse of rights
    6. As to possible good faith, the beneficiaries cannot claim good faith, where they did not have legitimate expectations to receive the aid.
    7. Third parties acting in good faith should be able to rely on the translations thereof.
    8. The Commission makes no observation on the good faith, or otherwise, of the Gibraltar authorities.
    9. The Autonomous Community acted in good faith and in a very transparent way.
    10. Italy submits that it has thus always acted in good faith.
    11. This provision shall apply only if the beneficiary has acted in good faith.
    12. Tenders could thus be lodged in good faith by traders during those weeks, although no Management Committee meetings are scheduled.
    13. The Parties shall consider in good faith the proposal made by the Conciliation Commission for the resolution of the dispute.
    14. Italy states, first of all, that it put the aid at issue into effect entirely in good faith.
    15. It shall render a proposal for resolution of the dispute, which the Parties shall consider in good faith.