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government issue

government issue
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • dumpgoederen, dump
  • supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government




  1. The government cannot avoid the issue of homelessness any longer.
  2. government debt issue and reimbursement;
  3. The Government concedes, however, that in February 2002 Parliament adopted a Decision authorizing the Government to issue a credit guarantee.
  4. According to the Government, a credit guarantee was never issued. The Government concedes, however, that in February 2002 Parliament adopted a Decision authorizing the Government to issue a credit guarantee.
  5. The Government of … reserves the right to and undertakes to issue insurance certificates under paragraph 2 of Article 4bis of the Convention so as:
  6. A schedule of the eligible costs taken into consideration for the aid at issue, transmitted by the Italian Government in the Annex to letter A/35269, is reproduced below.
  7. In the case at issue, the contract provides that the beneficiary company will receive a maximum of EUR 4337086,18 for the duration of the contract funded by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and the Gerona Regional Council.
  8. The Court stated that ‘as regards the cultural purpose of the aids at issue, it is common ground that the aim of the French Government is the spread of the French language and French literature’.
  9. For example, an entity might be required by government legislation to issue some portion of its shares to nationals of a particular country, which may be transferred only to other nationals of that country.
  10. According to the information available to the Commission at the time of the opening Decision, subsequent to the approval, the Government took a decision to issue a credit guarantee in favour of Teracom.
  11. loans, including government bonds, raised by the issue of debentures or other negotiable securities, by whomsoever issued, or any formalities relating thereto, or the creation, issue, admission to quotation on a stock exchange, making available on the market or dealing in such debentures or other negotiable securities.
  12. According to the Government, once parliamentary approval was given, the Government, in June 2002, by decision, asked the National Debt Office to issue a credit guarantee in favour of Teracom and decide upon a fee to charge Teracom for the risks involved and the administrative costs.
  13. In the case in question, recent government decisions, in particular the resolution of the issue of the financing of civil service pensions, the maintenance of services reserved for La Poste, the support for the distribution of the livret A and the increase in postal tariffs (which incidentally also constitute government acts, if not State aid in themselves) offset the effect of the Commission’s recommendation letter.
  14. ‘competent authority’ means the minister, government department or other authority designated by a Member State having power to issue and enforce regulations, orders or other instructions having the force of law in respect of the subject matter of the provision concerned;
  15. On the basis of Article 26(1) of the procedural Regulation, it is conceivable that the fact that the Commission did not publish the acceptance by the Swedish Government of the Guidelines, may have led some beneficiaries to believe in good faith that the national measure at issue was still to be regarded as existing aid.