Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • met vet
  • containing an unusual amount of grease or oil
"greasy hamburgers"


Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • vettig
  • smeared or soiled with grease or oil
"greasy coveralls"




  1. It's a bit greasy.
  2. My hair is greasy.
  3. I have greasy skin.
  4. He has greasy hair.
  5. This bag is greasy.
  6. His sleeve touched the greasy pan.
  7. What is that greasy stuff on your shirt?
  8. Tom doesn't like greasy food such as spareribs.
  9. Consisting of bacon and cheese, the sandwich was quite greasy.
  10. Twopence, threepence, tease are easy, But cease, crease, grease and greasy?
  11. I'm broke, today we have to eat at this greasy spoon at the corner.
  12. The stylists, in all their pompous, branded majesty, doubted that the girl who had just approached them was fixable: her clothes were greasy, tattered, and devoid of rhinestones and logos.
  13. pasty, doughy, greasy
  14. Greasy, including fleece-washed wool
  15. Greasy, including fleece-washed wool: