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half note

half note
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a musical note having the time value of half a whole note




    1. However, waiving default clauses under existing facilities (as was confirmed by the Royal Mail half-year regulatory accounts [8], at note 3 on page 18 ‘Royal Mail Group plc has net liabilities as at 24 September 2006, primarily as a result of the pension deficit within its main pension plan, the Royal Mail Pension Plan.
    2. Tritium, tritium compounds, mixtures containing tritium in which the ratio of tritium to hydrogen atoms exceeds 1 part in 1000, and products or devices containing any of the foregoing. Note:1C235 does not control a product or device containing less than 1,48 × 103 GBq (40 Ci) of tritium. 1C236 Alpha-emitting radionuclides having an alpha half-life of 10 days or greater but less than 200 years, in the following forms:
    3. First, they argue that the Netherlands has been experiencing difficulties for around one and a half years in complying with Directive 99/30/EC. Secondly, they note that the number of diesel cars has risen in the Netherlands due to higher petrol prices, the wider availability of diesel car models, and the greatly improved performance and fuel efficiency of diesel engines. Such an increase in the share of diesel cars was not expected when Directive 98/69/EC was adopted.
    4. Please note that in commercial transactions as referred to in Directive 2000/35/EC of 29 June 2000 on combating late payments, the statutory interest rate is the sum of the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent main refinancing operation carried out before the first calendar day of the half-year in question ('the reference rate'), plus at least seven percentage points.
    5. Inertial Equipment for Azimuth, Heading, or North Pointing having any of the following characteristics, and specially designed components therefor: 1. Designed to have an Azimuth, Heading, or North Pointing accuracy equal to, or less (better) than 6 arc minutes RMS at 45 degrees latitude; or 2. Designed to have a non-operating shock level of 900 g or greater at a duration of 1 msec, or greater. Note 1: The parameters of 7A003.a. and 7A003.b. are applicable with any of the following environmental conditions: 1. Input random vibration with an overall magnitude of 7,7 g rms in the first half hour and a total test duration of one and one half hour per axis in each of the three perpendicular axes, when the random vibration meets the following: a. A constant power spectral density (PSD) value of 0,04 g2/Hz over a frequency interval of 15 to 1000 Hz; and b. The PSD attenuates with frequency from 0,04 g2/Hz to 0,01 g2/Hz over a frequency interval from 1000 to 2000 Hz; 2. A roll and yaw rate of equal to or more than +2,62 radian/s (150 deg/s); or 3. According to national standards equivalent to 1. or 2. above.