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to headquarter
    • provide with headquarters
    "the compnay is headquartered in New Jersey"



    1. The sale and lease back of headquarter offices, estimated to yield EUR […] million upfront;
    2. Address (if legal person, address of the headquarter): street/nr/postcode/place/country …
    3. The Mission will be composed of a Headquarter (HQ) and police monitors.
    4. The permanent presence in Khartoum allows for a continuation of the contacts of the EUSR with the Government of Sudan, the Sudanese political parties, the AMIS Mission Headquarter, the United Nations and its agencies, and diplomatic missions, as well as a participation in the activities of the Assessment and Evaluation Committees established to oversee the implementation of CPA and DPA respectively and closer monitoring of the situation in Eastern Sudan after the conclusion of the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA).