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high commission

high commission
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an embassy of one British Commonwealth country to another



    1. The i2010 High Level Group (Commission Decision 2006/215/EC).’
    2. certificates issued by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) of Canada for high quality common wheat and high quality durum wheat.
    3. Regular written reports shall be circulated to the Secretary-General/High Representative, Council and Commission.
    4. The Commission checked in particular that the high costs of the first two measures were justified.
    5. The Joint Commission shall be composed of representatives of both sides, at an appropriate high level.
    6. Moreover, high interest payments would not have led to liquidity problems as claimed by the Commission.
    7. The Commission acknowledges that HTST may well have particular characteristics and be of a high quality.
    8. The Commission further established who the vendors of FMS and HR high-function software are.
    9. Commission Decision setting up a High Level Group on Competitiveness, Energy and the Environment
    10. The Commission shall provide the secretariat of the High Level Group.
    11. Regular written reports shall be circulated to the High Representative, the Council and the Commission.
    12. The Commission contacted all known producers of polyester high tenacity filament yarn in the USA.
    13. This evaluation would be carried out by high-level, independent international experts nominated by the Commission.
    14. A high-level representative shall be designated by the Commission to attend the meetings and participate in the debates of the High Level Group.
    15. Fifthly, the Commission notes that the proportion of turnover accounted for by R & D expenditure is particularly high.