Betekenis van:
home in

to home in
    • direct onto a point or target, especially by automatic navigational aids




    1. He came home in despair.
    2. Our team came home in triumph.
    3. Tom left home in a hurry.
    4. I feel at home in this room.
    5. I'm actually coming home in October.
    6. Make yourself at home in this room.
    7. She is at home in the subject.
    8. He came home late in the evening.
    9. My home is in the country.
    10. Her home is in the suburbs.
    11. I'll send you home in my car.
    12. Tom lives in a nursing home.
    13. Tom was put in a nursing home.
    14. I'll be at home in the morning.
    15. He is at home in France.