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horizontal surface

horizontal surface
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line





    1. on a horizontal supporting surface;
    2. Stability on a horizontal supporting surface(test for point
    3. The vehicle shall stay on a horizontal surface.
    4. The vehicle shall be standing on a horizontal surface.
    5. ‘Ground’ means the surface on which the vehicle stands which should be substantially horizontal;
    6. The tractor must be placed on a horizontal surface as shown in Figure 2.
    7. In the case of caravans and goods trailers, the horizontal position is regarded as when the floor or loading surface is horizontal.
    8. For S3 or S4 categories devices, the horizontal plane tangential to the lower edge of the apparent surface shall:
    9. To determine the lower, upper and lateral limits of the illuminating surface, only vertical and horizontal planes shall be used.
    10. The surface onto which the containers are dropped shall be a smooth, horizontal concrete pad or flooring.
    11. a road surface luminance of 1 cd/m2 and/or a horizontal road illumination of 10 lx being exceeded continuously;
    12. In the case of trailers without such a reference surface (e.g. boat trailers or similar) the trailer manufacturer shall give an appropriate reference line defining the horizontal position.
    13. To determine the lower, upper and lateral limits of the illuminating surface, only screens with horizontal or vertical edges shall be used.
    14. The slope of the gangway, measured with the vehicle unladen on a horizontal surface, and with the kneeling system not activated, shall not exceed:
    15. In the absence of specific instructions, the height and alignment of the lamps shall be checked with the unladen tractor placed on a flat, horizontal surface.