Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an inclination to weigh both views or opinions equally





    1. Even impartiality is partial.
    2. Judgment requires impartiality.
    3. Fairness and impartiality.
    4. Independence and impartiality of members
    5. impartiality, quality and consistency of official controls
    6. The impartiality of the investigation staff must be guaranteed.
    7. The impartiality of inspection staff must be guaranteed.
    8. The impartiality of inspection staff shall be guaranteed.
    9. It questions the impartiality of these comments, which are considered unfounded, imprecise and ambiguous.
    10. that the independence and impartiality required for certain activities is secured;
    11. Those arrangements should also contribute to ensuring the quality, impartiality, consistency and effectiveness of official controls.
    12. be composed so as not to cast doubt on their impartiality;
    13. The impartiality of conformity assessment bodies, their top level management and assessment personnel shall be ensured.
    14. Fairness and impartiality. All proposals shall be treated consistently and in the same way.
    15. The recognition process shall also be based on criteria of independence, competence and impartiality.