Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • used of especially merchandise brought from a foreign source
    "imported wines"



    1. She drives an imported car.
    2. Champagne is imported from France.
    3. We imported meat from Argentina.
    4. That company deals mainly in imported goods.
    5. The statement imported that changes were necessary.
    6. Imported cars are in strong demand.
    7. These cars were imported from Germany.
    8. The car they bought is imported.
    9. They sell imported goods at the shop.
    10. There was a shortage of imported oil.
    11. Russia imported wheat from the United States.
    12. I've decided to serve only imported wine.
    13. This is a car imported from Germany.
    14. Tom drives an imported car I think.
    15. A special tax was imposed on imported cars.