Betekenis van:
in effect

in effect
Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • bruikbaar; van toepassing zijnde; gezond
  • exerting force or influence
"the law is already in effect (or in force)"


in effect
    • in actuality or reality or fact
    "in effect, they had no choice"




    1. Benefits are in effect.
    2. A set of benefits is in effect.
    3. This law shall have effect in Japan.
    4. That company is, in effect, bankrupt.
    5. His reply was in effect a refusal.
    6. The law is still in effect.
    7. In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.
    8. Our suggestions were, in effect, almost the same.
    9. A set of benefits was once in effect.
    10. In effect, flowers are the creators of honey.
    11. Being silent is regarded in effect as approval.
    12. The law is not in effect any longer.
    13. I hope to effect positive change in the world.
    14. This is in effect less expensive than that.
    15. The Doppler effect is also observed with light and with radiant energy in general.