Betekenis van:

to incinerate
  • verbranden tot as
  • cause to undergo combustion



to incinerate
    • become reduced to ashes
    "The paper incinerated quickly"



    1. This Chapter shall apply to waste incineration plants and waste co-incineration plants which incinerate or co-incinerate solid or liquid waste.
    2. Portugal has insufficient capacity to incinerate or co-incinerate the meat-and-bone meal and related products originating from animals suspected or confirmed of having contracted BSE, or from animals killed under a BSE eradication measure.
    3. In relation to combustion plants which co-incinerate waste, point 3.1 of Part 4 of Annex VI shall apply until:
    4. Point 3.2 of Part 4 of Annex VI shall apply in relation to combustion plants which co-incinerate waste, as from:
    5. The competent authority may grant exemptions from paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 to waste incineration plants or waste co-incineration plants which are a part of an installation covered by Chapter II and only incinerate or co-incinerate waste generated within that installation.
    6. Under Article 13 of the Ordonnance on the elimination of animal by-products, Switzerland is to incinerate category 1 animal by-products, including specified risk materials and animals which have died on the farm.
    7. Without prejudice to Article 50(4)(c), the waste incineration plant or waste co-incineration plant or individual furnaces being part of a waste incineration plant or waste co-incineration plant shall under no circumstances continue to incinerate waste for a period of more than 4 hours uninterrupted where emission limit values are exceeded.
    8. Cement factories, which appeared to be the most suitable installations in the urgency situation prevailing in which to incinerate the meal as a substitute fuel, had to carry out technical adjustments and were not necessarily located in the regions producing the animal waste concerned,
    9. For combustion plants firing indigenous solid fuel, which co-incinerate waste, and which cannot comply with the Cproc values for sulphur dioxide set out in points 3.1 or 3.2 of Part 4 of Annex VI due to the characteristics of the indigenous solid fuel, Member States may apply instead the minimum rates of desulphurisation set out in Part 5 of Annex V, in accordance with the compliance rules set out in Part 6 of that Annex.