Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • voorbereid
  • having made preparations



Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position
    "an inclined plane"
    Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
      • (often followed by `to') having a preference, disposition, or tendency
      "wasn't inclined to believe the excuse"
      "inclined to be moody"



      1. He's inclined to violence.
      2. We are inclined to forget this fact.
      3. She inclined her head in greeting.
      4. The pole inclined to the left.
      5. Most dogs are inclined to be friendly.
      6. He is inclined to get mad.
      7. Children are inclined to be disobedient.
      8. She is inclined to take a nap.
      9. I inclined my ear to him.
      10. I am not very musically inclined.
      11. He is inclined to be lazy.
      12. I feel inclined to agree with her.
      13. He is inclined to make light of his father's advice.
      14. His advice inclined me to change my mind.
      15. We are inclined to stand up for him.