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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community





    1. Integrating Activities
    2. Integrating method
    3. Integrating Method
    4. vent Integrating method
    5. Concrete improvements in integrating refugees;
    6. (see Figure 8) vent vent Integrating method
    7. Interdisciplinarity, integrating theoretical and experimental approaches, will be promoted.
    8. Modular jack connector for local area networks, integrating at least:
    9. Action 2.1 integrating concepts and methods within the legal framework;
    10. Integrating Activities for existing research infrastructures will be implemented through:
    11. Action 2.1: Integrating concepts and methods within the legal framework
    12. The average concentrations shall be determined by integrating the analyzer signals over the test cycle.
    13. For an integrating analyser system, sampling shall continue until system response times have elapsed.
    14. The Community should contribute to this objective through the promotion of Integrating Activities.
    15. HITEA: Health effects of indoor pollutants: integrating microbial, toxicological and epidemiological approaches.