Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • ondervraagde
  • a person who is interviewed




  1. Only on one occasion the interviewee introduces a topic.
  2. The interviewee establishes his own topical agenda in conjunction with his answer.
  3. The interviewer begins his question before the interviewee has finished speaking.
  4. Anyone responsible for accompanying a disabled person who has been invited by the ERCEA to attend a meeting in an interviewee capacity.
  5. The reimbursement shall be made by the ERCEA upon submission of a request for reimbursement, duly completed and signed by the interviewee and by the ERCEA official responsible for certifying the interviewee’s presence.
  6. An additional accommodation allowance and/or daily allowance may, exceptionally, be paid if prolonging the stay would enable the interviewee to obtain a reduction in the cost of transport worth more than the amount of these allowances.
  7. Unless the interviewee can provide a proper justification that is accepted by reasoned decision by the responsible authorising officer, failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph shall absolve the ERCEA from any obligation to reimburse travel expenses or pay any allowances.