Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • drank van gestookt van kersen
  • from fermented juice of black morello cherries



  1. For the purposes of subheading 21069010, the term ‘cheese fondues’ shall be taken to mean preparations containing 12 % or more but less than 18 % of milkfats and made from melted cheese (Emmentaler and Gruyère exclusively) with the addition of white wine, kirsch, starch and spices and put up in immediate packings of a net capacity of 1 kg or less.
  2. CERTIFICATE OF THE ISSUING BODYIt is certified that for the product contained in the parcels covered by the present certificate:the milk-fat content is equal to or exceeds 12 % and is less than 18 % by weight,it was prepared with processed cheeses made exclusively from Emmental or Gruyère cheese with added white wine, kirsch, starch and spices, andthe Emmental or Gruyère cheeses used in its manufacture were made in the exporting country.Place and date:Signature(s):Stamp of issuing body:9.