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  1. The legislator of that state did away with outdated laws.
  2. The national legislator is free to set a maximum tax burden.
  3. In order to achieve this, the legislator chose between several administrative options.
  4. The essential elements of a legislative act may only be amended by the legislator on the basis of the Treaty;’;
  5. The legislator could also have chosen to levy the tax directly at the level of the end user.
  6. In addition, approval of the budget of the regulator by the national legislator does not constitute an obstacle to budgetary autonomy.
  7. Where a product is subject to several Community acts within the scope of this Decision, consistency among conformity assessment procedures shall be ensured by the legislator.
  8. The Commission understands that to facilitate the taxation of capital gains, the national legislator may apply a substitute tax at a more convenient rate than the ordinary tax.
  9. To offset the inevitable losses of the industrial distilleries, the legislator has provided that those who leave the monopoly early will receive compensatory payments.
  10. Co-regulation gives, in its minimal form, a legal link between self-regulation and the national legislator in accordance with the legal traditions of the Member States.
  11. Since the two situations were indeed comparable they should have been treated alike when the legislator in 2003 provided for the fiscal recognition of the suspended gains.
  12. It cannot be asked of an undertaking that it examine questions of European law in greater depth than a bona fide legislator.
  13. As regards the comments of SIC on Article 11(2) of Law No 21/92, they responded that the Portuguese legislator did not grant public undertakings specific tax benefits in the event of business conversion or restructuring.
  14. To differentiate between the CR and HS OPE TSIs would not be appropriate and so the assumption has been made that the use of the term ‘professional competence’ covers the intention of the legislator.
  15. Given the vast variety of (cured) meat products and manufacturing methods within the European Union, the Union legislator held that it was, for the moment, not possible to specify the appropriate level of nitrite for each product.