Betekenis van:

to lengthen
  • langer maken
  • make longer



to lengthen
    • become long or longer
    "In Spring, the days lengthen"



    1. The effect of the measure is only to lengthen the period over which it can do so.
    2. Moreover, it is clear that in express services railways become more of a competitive tool as traction distances lengthen (speed becoming an increasingly critical factor).”
    3. Dexia shall reduce the proportion of short-term funding in its balance sheet and shall lengthen the average maturity of its long-term funding.
    4. Dexia is to lengthen the maturity of its funding by maintaining the average life of the liabilities of the group [16] at a level exceeding or equal to the levels shown in Table 4 below:
    5. Where aid is granted to adapt to newly introduced standards at Community level, Member States should not be able to lengthen the adaptation period for farmers by delaying implementation of such rules.
    6. Since this product would have to be sourced outside the Community, this would lengthen the supply chain and deteriorate the Community's capability to respond in the event of an outbreak of this disease.
    7. Dexia shall lengthen the maturity of its funding and shall reduce its duration gap by maintaining the average term of the liabilities of the group as defined in Annex II to this decision, at a level above or equal to the levels below:
    8. ‘The pensions measure’: placing GBP 850 million in an ‘escrow account’ which will lengthen the period over which Royal Mail needs to address the current deficit in its pension fund and will therefore reduce the contributions it makes in the initial years of the period;