Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • gevlekte panter
  • large feline of African and Asian forests usually having a tawny coat with black spots




Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the pelt of a leopard



    1. A leopard never changes its spots.
    2. He has the eyes of a leopard.
    3. Tom ran as fast as a leopard.
    4. A leopard cannot change his spots.
    5. A leopard can't change his spots.
    6. The leopard can't change its spots.
    7. Tom is as fast as a leopard.
    8. His eyes look like those of a leopard.
    9. We say hallowed, but allowed, people, leopard, towed but vowed.
    10. His eyes are like those of a leopard.
    11. The leopard was starting to get tired of his spots.
    12. The leopard was growing bored of its spots.
    13. They made a mistake, it's not Mexican jerboa, it's Shanghai leopard.
    14. I still can't believe they had a snow leopard in that zoo. I thought they were an endangered species.
    15. A black panther can be a jaguar or leopard, but in either case it has a gene that causes it to produce more melanin than other specimens.