Betekenis van:
light brown

light brown
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a brown that is light but unsaturated




    1. My hair is light brown.
    2. She has green eyes and light brown hair.
    3. Hydrolysed lecithins: light brown to brown viscous liquid or paste
    4. White, light yellow, light grey or light brown powder
    5. Tar oils, brown-coal; Light oil
    6. Pale yellow to light brown a waxy or solid consistency
    7. Light yellow to amber, oily to very viscous liquids; light tan to medium brown, plastic or soft solids; and light tan to brown, hard, waxy solids
    8. Minor amounts of betaxanthin (yellow) and degradation products of betalaines (light brown) may be present.
    9. Yellowish or light brown liquids to waxy solids or semi-solids
    10. Quillaia extract in the powder form is light brown with a pink tinge.
    11. Light brown to pale yellow powder or flakes or hard and brittle solid with a resinous fracture
    12. Soft, loose to compressed, natural, combustible sediment of vegetable origin with a high moisture content (up to 90 %), light to dark brown in colour.
    13. Samples intended for the analysis of vitamins or substances which are particularly sensitive to light shall be stored in brown glass containers.
    14. Quillaia extract in the powder form is light brown with a pink tinge. It is also available as an aqueous solution
    15. Honey made from chestnut is light to dark brown in colour, smell is reminiscent of overripe apples and taste is tannic and slightly stringent.