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line management

line management
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • administration of the activities contributing directly to an organization's output



    1. The management tended to be too concerned about short-term improvement of the bottom line to have any long-term design for the future.
    2. Off-line Key Management FIS
    3. Off line key management FIS
    4. adequate separation of functions vis-à-vis line management to ensure independence;
    5. By 30 June 2010, Dexia shall establish a reporting line known as ‘Legacy Portfolio Management Division’.
    6. Environment Adopt laws on environment, waste management, water management, protection of natural resources and air quality in line with EU standards.
    7. The shareholder loan is paid out at the request of the GmbH management in line with the investment project’s progress.
    8. In fact, such rerouting may well be regarded as efficient waste management in line with the Community principles.
    9. scope for collaboration with the UN, in line with the EU-UN joint declaration on crisis management,
    10. Clarify the respective roles of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defence in crisis management situations in line with EU practices.
    11. The budget line for the administrative appropriations is 17 01 04 02 — Public health (2003 to 2008) — Expenditure on administrative management.
    12. Fiduciary, management and monitoring aspects shall be agreed between the Commission and the EIF and shall be in line with normal commercial practices.
    13. continue preparations to establish effective and financially sound paying bodies for the management and control of agricultural funds, in line with EU requirements and international auditing standards.
    14. promoting the progressive inclusion of customs, veterinary and phyto-sanitary controls in integrated border management activities in line with policy evolution in this field;
    15. On the basis of the above, […] concludes that PI’s asset liability management (ALM) model is in line with that of its market peers, if not indeed more prudent.