Betekenis van:
line worker

line worker
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an employee who works on an assembly line



    1. In line with Spain’s general legislation, a company employing a worker who is over 60 years old is entitled to a 50 % reduction in social security contributions.
    2. The tasks of the project are in line with the Commission planned green paper on EU workforce for health which will start a process of detailed consideration of health workforce planning and supply and the impact of health worker mobility within Member States and within the EU.
    3. Thus, by way of examples, the courses ‘Astra Cockpit Module’ and ‘Fuel and Braking Module’ will use practical steps in the assembly process as context to illustrate a set of generic skills that can improve the quality and performance of the task, such as for example line layout (devising the optimal relation between flow of material, position of machinery and movements of the worker), optimal inventory levels (understanding the need of having just the right levels of inventory) or ergonomics.