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loan participation

loan participation
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    • a loan that is shared by a group of banks that join to make a loan too big for any one of them alone




    1. The participation of these banks in the syndicated loan is thus not a reliable commercial benchmark.
    2. A silent participation is comparable in terms of risk to a subordinated loan and should thus be treated as a high-risk loan.
    3. The loan is handled through a local lending institution — bank, savings and loan, credit union, or farm credit services — which will request the participation of BND.
    4. A distinction shall be made between six categories (Grant, tax reduction/exemption, equity participation, soft loan, tax deferral, guarantee)
    5. ‘loan disposal’ means the economic transfer of a loan or pool of loans by the reporting agent to a non-MFI transferee, achieved either by transfer of ownership or by sub-participation,
    6. ‘loan acquisition’ means the economic transfer of a loan or pool of loans from a non-MFI transferor to the reporting agent, achieved either by transfer of ownership or by sub-participation.
    7. The silent participation is not a loan but can nevertheless be compared to a high-risk loan since, in case of bankruptcy, it is subordinated to all other claims including subordinated loans.
    8. The ancillary nature of the activity is not assessed by reference to the amount of the loan or to the purchase price or value of a participation.
    9. It stresses that it is normal and usual for the majority shareholder to grant a loan upfront of its participation in the recapitalisation.
    10. It agrees with the Commission that the risk attaching to a silent participation is higher than that attaching to a traditional bank loan.
    11. On this basis, the participation of KEB and KDB in the syndicated loan may still be considered to be a countervailable subsidy that provides a benefit to Hynix.
    12. The press release of 4 December also focuses on these two aspects, namely, the participation in the capital increase and the refinancing of the Company through a shareholder loan in the form of a credit line.
    13. In the view of the Commission, the participation by the other banks in the syndicated loan cannot serve as a proper benchmark for determining the existence of a benefit.
    14. Cégétel maintains that there are two separate measures: (i) the announcement by the French authorities of the granting of a shareholder loan to France Télécom; and (ii) the participation by the State in the recapitalisation of France Télécom.
    15. Is the proposed assistance a grant, interest subsidy, reduction in social security contributions, tax credit (relief), equity participation, debt conversion or write off, soft loan, deferred tax provision, amount covered by a guarantee scheme, etc.?;