Betekenis van:
lock out

to lock out
  • buitensluiten, niet toelaten
  • prevent employees from working during a strike




  1. The lock must be out of order.
  2. Lock the door when you go out.
  3. The door will lock automatically when you go out.
  4. Please lock the door before you go out.
  5. Please be careful not to forget to lock the door when you go out.
  6. Management has threatened to lock out the workforce if they do not accept the proposed changes.
  7. The door will not open; lock must be out of order.
  8. First hold crime-prevention firmly in mind! Before going out, lock the doors!
  9. While we were out for a picnic, our house's lock was picked by a thief.
  10. persons on temporary leave (maternity, sickness leave, strike, lock-out, etc.) for a definite period,
  11. A manual device shall be provided to enable the train crew to lock a door out of service.
  12. The capacity of the compressed air reservoir must be calculated so that at least seven complete turns (from lock to lock) are possible before the reservoir pressure falls to half its operating pressure; the test must be carried out with the steered wheels off the ground.