Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • innig; liefdevol; vol liefde
  • feeling or showing love and affection
"loving parents"
"loving glances"




  1. Tom is loving.
  2. Children need loving.
  3. Your loving friend.
  4. I've never stopped loving you.
  5. I never stopped loving you.
  6. They are peace-loving people.
  7. She has a loving family.
  8. I'm loving it over here.
  9. I can't help loving her.
  10. I have a loving family.
  11. He had a loving family.
  12. God's tired of loving us.
  13. My husband is loving and caring.
  14. Loving is the essence of life.
  15. We are a peace-loving nation.