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lower rank

lower rank
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the state of being inferior





    1. Even if it had been given, it would rank lower than every other security and would cover only a very small part of the potentially high risk of non-payment.
    2. Silent partnership contributions of limited duration rank between profit participation certificates and silent partnership contributions of unlimited duration as regards their risk profile. As a result, their risk premium must basically be higher than that for profit participation certificates but lower than that for silent partnership contributions of unlimited duration.
    3. As regards the loan and the guarantee to Biria GmbH, the collateral provided had a higher economic value than that for the guarantee to Sachsen Zweirad GmbH. Nevertheless, the collateral is still lower than that normally required. The guarantee to Biria GmbH is secured by a first-rank mortgage on property of Bike Systems amounting to EUR 15m. The mortgage is, however, subordinated to another loan of EUR 2m.