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main line

main line
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the principal route of a transportation system



    1. Any politician who does not toe the main party line would be branded a renegade.
    2. West coast main line (2007)
    3. indicator of state of main automatic line voltage circuit breaker;
    4. the main centre line of the slot is perpendicular to the main centre line of the wagon;
    5. Electrical supply line: The line between the current collector or current source and the main circuit breaker or the main fuse(s) on the vehicle.
    6. In 1992 its main line of business was the Berliner Sparkasse's retail business.
    7. The Greek authorities’ main line of argument can be summarised as follows.
    8. The reporting line shall ultimately be to a main board executive director.
    9. In addition to its main line of business, it also organises mini-cruises and offers business travel services.
    10. the resistance to repeated loading shall be at least the same as that required for ‘main line’ track according to EN 13481-2:2002;
    11. On the high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt (Rhein-Main), the maximum falling and rising gradients have been set at 40 ‰.
    12. When used in groups a main line carries numerous traps on branch lines of variable length and spacing depending on the target species;
    13. ‘longlines’ means a fishing gear which comprises a main line carrying numerous hooks on branch lines (snoods) of variable length and spacing depending on the target species.
    14. Investments in equipment (e.g. filters or separate cleaning steps) which compose or extract pollutants within the production line, when the removal of these added facilities would not affect in the main the functioning of the production line.
    15. .10 Machinery space is to be taken as extending from the moulded base line to the margin line and between the extreme main transverse watertight bulkheads, bounding the spaces containing the main and auxiliary propulsion machinery, and boilers serving the needs of propulsion.