Betekenis van:
make peace

to make peace
    • end hostilities



    1. They came to make peace.
    2. Disarmament is sure to make for peace.
    3. It's easier to make war than to make peace.
    4. The prime minister's speech did not make for peace.
    5. We should try to make the conquest of peace.
    6. If you can't make peace with yourself, how are you going to make peace with anyone else?
    7. The League of Nations did not make for peace.
    8. We should make every effort to maintain world peace.
    9. We all hope that this cease-fire will make for world peace.
    10. What do you think we should do to make for world peace?
    11. Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.
    12. At long last, the two chiefs of the Indian tribes have decided to make peace.