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market capitalisation

market capitalisation
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    • an estimation of the value of a business that is obtained by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current price of a share




    1. On 31 December 2008, its market capitalisation was EUR 5,64 billion.
    2. “company with reduced market capitalisation” means a company listed on a regulated market that had an average market capitalisation of less than EUR 100000000 on the basis of end-year quotes for the previous three calendar years.’;
    3. Among the lowest level of listed companies and total market capitalisation can be found in the West Midlands.
    4. According to an analysis of the total market capitalisation of firms listed on the LSE and the AIM across regions, some of the lowest levels of total market capitalisation exist in the Midlands.
    5. Relative to its economic performance, the Midlands region has a low level of market capitalisation among the UK regions.
    6. Microsoft is currently the largest company in the world by market capitalisation (see
    7. On 31 December 2008, its market capitalisation was EUR 5,64 billion. Dexia was formed in 1996 by the merger of France’s Crédit Local and Belgium’s Crédit communal.
    8. For operations [13] comparable to that of Alitalia in terms of the size of the market capitalisation and the number of days of stock market trading, the average was 4,96 %;
    9. Before the first admission of a share to trading on a regulated market, the relevant competent authority for that share shall ensure that estimates are provided, in respect of that share, of the average daily turnover, the market capitalisation as it will stand at the start of the first day of trading and, where the estimate of the market capitalisation is EUR 500 million or more:
    10. This operates as a second-tier market targeting new and smaller companies. Membership requires no minimum trading record, no minimum assets or profit levels, no minimum capitalisation and no minimum free float of shares.
    11. in the case of Alitalia, the planned capital increase represents 127 % of current capitalisation (approximately €943 million); it thus represents more than 1500 days of exchange of securities on the stock market in the recent period.
    12. However, increasing volatility in market capitalisation of companies has led to much higher liability risks, whilst access to insurance coverage against the risks associated with such audits has become increasingly limited.
    13. the various activities and size of the issuer, in particular credit institutions issuing non-equity securities referred to in Article 1(2)(j), companies with reduced market capitalisation and SMEs.
    14. In 2003 the regional market capitalisation as a proportion of GDP reached in the London area as high as 621 %, in the South East 139 %, for the total UK 153 %, while only 25 % in the Midlands region.
    15. The section of the IBB special reserve still needed for the capitalisation of BGB will be invested by the Land in one or more dormant holdings in LBB and will bear interest at market rates.