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market penetration

market penetration
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the extent to which a product is recognized and bought by customers in a particular market



    1. Market penetration, visibility and consumer awareness
    2. Objectives for environmental improvement and market penetration
    3. Both types of market penetration are hampered by the strengthened market position of PI.
    4. At the end of 2002 market penetration was 72,4 % of the population (68 % in 2001).
    5. Those barriers to the market penetration of innovation technologies are particularly relevant for environmental technologies.
    6. enhancing the technology verification process in order to identify and remove obstacles to future market penetration;
    7. It is clear that the Community Eco-label has not yet achieved satisfactory market penetration.
    8. Secondly, WAM SpA received aid for setting up the market penetration programme and therefore made certain savings.
    9. Similarly, the ultimate goal of the market penetration programme was to sell WAM SpA’s products in Japan.
    10. In particular, the market share of imports in Turkey was very low, at 3,3 %, whereas the market penetration of imports in the USA was at 39 %.
    11. Terrestrial continues to be the main means of television viewing in Italy, with a market penetration of some 19 million households out of a total of 22 million.
    12. In terms of first giro accounts held by private customers, it estimates its own market share or penetration in 2002 at 48 %.
    13. The objectives for environmental improvement and market penetration will be set out in the light of the revision of the scheme.
    14. The EUEB should improve the reporting mechanisms already in place to establish annual statistics for tracking this market penetration for the different product groups.
    15. A first implication of this discrepancy is that the market penetration and share of Chinese exports is even more significant than originally thought.