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match point

match point
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • matchpoint
  • (tennis) the final point needed to win a match (especially in tennis)



  1. As shown below (point (iii)), it is very unlikely that the risk-return performance of the active management portfolios would match that of the Agreement.
  2. The confirmation of a match of dactyloscopic data with reference data held by the Member State administering the file shall be carried out by the national contact point of the requesting Member State by means of the automated supply of the reference data required for a clear match.
  3. Should a Member State, as a result of the comparison referred to in paragraph 1, find that any DNA profiles supplied match any of those in its DNA analysis files, it shall, without delay, supply the other Member State's national contact point with the reference data with which a match has been found.
  4. In sum, the various capacity expansions do not point to a propensity for US exporting producers to dump on the Community market because of the likely match of supply and demand on a worldwide level.
  5. If, after valuation, the underlying assets do not match the requirements as calculated on that day, symmetric margin calls are performed. In order to reduce the frequency of margin calls, national central banks may apply a trigger point.
  6. When a Member State receives a report of match, its national contact point is responsible for comparing the values of the profile submitted as a question and the values of the profile(s) received as an answer to validate and check the evidential value of the profile.
  7. Should an automated search show that a DNA profile supplied matches DNA profiles entered in the receiving Member State's searched file, the national contact point of the searching Member State shall receive in an automated way the reference data with which a match has been found.
  8. As a result, each of the 15 synthetic CDOs has a different attachment point and therefore a different expected loss. Consequently, the CDOs need to be assessed individually and the guarantee provided will be individual for each CDO (that is, there will not be a single guarantee on the aggregated portfolio). That specific structure was necessary to achieve a perfect match between the mark-to-market value of the guaranteed portfolio and the mark-to-market value of the guarantee with a view to removing profit and loss volatility caused by the fluctuation in value of the CDOs, the ultimate aim of the measure.
  9. In addition, the Commission would point out that it has always taken the view that the public authorities should not intervene financially against the rise in the price of oil. On the contrary their role should be, in particular, pursuing incentive policies for undertakings so that they adapt to the new economic conditions created by the price increase. That is why aid aimed at making it possible for an economic entity to operate on the relevant futures markets does not match the desired objective.