Betekenis van:
medical assistant

medical assistant
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a person trained to assist medical professionals



    1. medical technician — surgery (assistant(e) technique médical(e) en chirurgie),
    2. medical laboratory technician (assistant(e) technique médical(e) de laboratoire),
    3. medical X-ray technician (assistant(e) technique médical(e) en radiologie),
    4. An accredited parliamentary assistant shall provide evidence of physical fitness to the European Parliament′s medical service in order that the European Parliament may be satisfied that he fulfils the requirements of Article 128(2)(d).
    5. On the basis of the medical opinion and his or her analysis, the social assistant shall, in accordance with Article 10, propose the amount to be granted as financial aid, the duration of this grant and the need for re-examination of the social and medical circumstances of the person concerned.
    6. The opinion on the applicant’s social circumstances shall be presented by a social assistant from the institution responsible within the meaning of Article 3. This social opinion shall take account of the medical opinion and shall incorporate an analysis of the social circumstances and of the genuine needs connected with the illness or disability, including the applicant’s financial circumstances, income and expenses.