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mental age

mental age
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the level of intellectual development as measured by an intelligence test



    1. Compliance must be shown by appropriate assessment based on aero-medical best practice, taking into account the type of activity and the possible mental and physical degradation due to age.
    2. Where the issuing State considers it necessary in view of the sentenced person’s age or his or her physical or mental condition, that opportunity shall be given to his or her legal representative.
    3. According to Polish law, persons who are under 16 are treated as disabled if they have physical or mental impairment during an expected period exceeding 12 months, due to congenital malformation, long-term illness or bodily injury and they require permanent care or support to fulfil basic living needs, in a manner that is appropriate for a person of their age.
    4. Commercial practices which are likely to materially distort the economic behaviour only of a clearly identifiable group of consumers who are particularly vulnerable to the practice or the underlying product because of their mental or physical infirmity, age or credulity in a way which the trader could reasonably be expected to foresee, shall be assessed from the perspective of the average member of that group.
    5. Where certain characteristics such as age, physical or mental infirmity or credulity make consumers particularly susceptible to a commercial practice or to the underlying product and the economic behaviour only of such consumers is likely to be distorted by the practice in a way that the trader can reasonably foresee, it is appropriate to ensure that they are adequately protected by assessing the practice from the perspective of the average member of that group.