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military government

military government
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • government by the military and an army




    1. In Japan, military leaders gained control of the government.
    2. Senior military officer, instrumental in supporting the illegal government of Anjouan
    3. Includes non-military stocks held within the national territory by government, which are government-owned or controlled and held exclusively for emergency purposes.
    4. First, it is worth recalling that the Italian Government has used Act 808/85 to fund projects in both the civil and the military field.
    5. They have also provided a statement by the auditors, certifying that the sums paid by the Italian Government were used entirely by the company for military projects.
    6. The Union shall conduct a military training mission, hereinafter called ‘EUTM Somalia’, in order to contribute to strengthening the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) as a functioning government serving the Somali citizens.
    7. territorial enclaves, i.e. geographic territories situated in the rest of the world and used, under international treaties or agreements between States, by general government agencies of the country (embassies, consulates, military bases, scientific bases, etc.),
    8. Specific provision should be made with respect to vehicles (for example, government or military vehicles) which fall within the exemptions from the obligation to be insured against civil liability.
    9. A breakdown of this item into services transacted by Embassies and consulates (code 292), Services transacted by Military units and agencies (code 293) and Other government services (code 294) is required.
    10. Any measure taken at sea pursuant to this chapter shall be carried out only by warships or military aircraft, or by other ships or aircraft clearly marked and identifiable as being on government service and authorised to that effect.
    11. the provision to the armed forces of the Lebanese Republic of technical assistance related to military activities and to arms or related matériel, and of financing and financial assistance related to military activities, unless the Government of Lebanon raises any objection within 14 days after the receipt of a notification.
    12. Presence throughout the whole of the year for tasks performed by the government or on behalf of the government, with or without the use of a vessel, vehicle or aircraft, in so far as is necessary for purposes of conservation, maintenance, demarcation, monitoring, inspection or tracking and military activities.
    13. Member States shall notify the Sanctions Committee in advance of any shipment of arms and related materiel to the Government of Liberia or any provision of assistance, advice or training related to military activities for the Government of Liberia except those referred to in points (a) and (b) of paragraph 1.
    14. The Status of Mission Agreement on the Establishment and Management of the Ceasefire Commission in the Darfur area of Sudan signed between the AU and the Government of Sudan on 4 June 2004 applies to Military Observers from the EU, covers military and civilian personnel other than CFC officials, and refers to the General Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), Article VII of which covers experts on mission for the OAU.
    15. The AU has decided to expand AMIS to 6171 military and 1560 civilian police personnel, and the Union is, in support of the AU, proposing for this enhancement a set of measures as defined by Joint Action 2005/557/CFSP of 18 July 2005 on the European Union civilian-military supporting action to the African Union mission in the Darfur region of Sudan [1], which require commensurate political engagement with the AU and the Government of Sudan, and specific coordination capacity.