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Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • designating the player judged to be the most important to the sport
    "the most-valuable player award"


    1. Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.
    2. He's the most valuable player on our team.
    3. He is the most valuable player in our team.
    4. Good health is the most valuable of all things.
    5. Gold is the most valuable of the metals.
    6. The most valuable skill one can acquire is the ability to think for oneself.
    7. The investigation revealed that one of the most valuable and cost intensive SiC was sold to the EC at EUR 1500/tonne duties exclusive, which amounts to EUR 2400/tonne import duty and AD duty included.
    8. The 14(6) database shows that there were significant imports of the product concerned during the IP, and in particular of around 10 television camera heads (‘TCH’), which is the essential and most valuable part of a system.
    9. Furthermore, the most valuable parts of BT's and Kingston's networks consist of their local access networks, the value of which has significantly increased with the exploitation of broadband DSL technology.
    10. As mentioned in recitals (20) above, the TCH is the central and most valuable part of a television camera system in terms of value, and it was therefore considered appropriate to assess the relationship between prices in Japan and prices in the Community on this basis.
    11. In fact, the PWC analysis emphasises that public creditors' claims are predominantly secured on non-productive assets, with only a small part of the security on productive assets, while civil creditors' claims are primarily secured on (the most valuable) productive assets.