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    • the compass point that is one point east (clockwise) of due north




    1. NBE Nordbrandenburger BioEnergie Verwaltung GmbH
    2. NBE Nordbrandenburger BioEnergie GmbH & Co. KG
    3. SBE cooperates with MUW, NUW, MBE NBE and Autokontor Bayern.
    4. The recipient's majority owner, Mrs Daniela Sauter, is the managing director of NBE.
    5. SBE is the common customer of NUW, MUW, MBE and NBE.
    6. At least NUW, NBE and MBE have large oil companies as customers.
    7. Mr Heidenreich was managing director at NBE and took over the same function at NUW.
    8. Whereas NUW will produce biodiesel, NBE and MBE are active in the bioethanol market.
    9. Since end of 2004 Mr Heidenreich is no longer the manager of NBE Verwaltung GmbH.
    10. Consequently, only the holdings in NBE and MBE would be relevant for the assessment of the recipient's size.
    11. However, this enterprise was the main contractor in the construction of the bioethanol production plant of NBE.
    12. Sauter Verpachtung GmbH has been the general contractor for setting up the bioethanol plants of MBE GmbH and NBE GmbH and the biodiesel plant of MUW.
    13. Based on the assumption that NUW, MBE and NBE are partner enterprises and that no linked enterprises exist, Germany calculates the financial and employment figures.
    14. With regard to the partner enterprises Germany states that Daniela Sauter has holdings of 50 % in NBE, 38 % in MBE and 20 % in SBE.
    15. In this context it should be emphasised that NUW, MUW, MBE and NBE all supply their products to SBE Swiss BioEnergy AG and that three companies of the group (NUW NBE and MBE) sell their production to the large oil companies.