Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • suitable or at a time that is suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose
    "an opportune place to make camp"
    "an opportune arrival"


    1. You have come at an opportune time.
    2. At the same time it is opportune to correct an error in that table.
    3. It is opportune to amend the animal health certificate for the import of animal casings to reflect the format laid down for other certificates.
    4. It is therefore opportune to allow these areas to export to the EU de-boned and matured bovine, ovine and farmed and wild game meat.
    5. It is therefore opportune to add these two municipalities to the description of the ‘high surveillance zone’ in the territory BR-1.
    6. However, it is opportune to establish measures to limit the total capacity of the main fleets fishing for this stock, with a view to reducing that capacity over time, ensuring that the resource recovers and preventing future effort increases.
    7. ‘It was considered opportune to create a common graphic symbol for the most remote regions of the Community in order to promote the agricultural products originating from these regions.
    8. For reasons of clarity and transparency, it is opportune to amend certain references and attestations in some of the model veterinary certificates in Part 2 of Annex I and in Part 2 of Annex II to Decision 79/542/EEC.
    9. It is therefore opportune to establish a European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (the EGF), accessible to all Member States, through which the Community could show its solidarity towards workers affected by redundancies resulting from changes in world trade patterns.
    10. It is therefore opportune to review the current restrictions on imports of ‘other ruminants’ from Canada in order to allow import of live ruminants with the exception of cervidae.
    11. It is therefore opportune to review the certificate for intra-Community trade of live bees and bumble bees in order to introduce animal health requirements concerning the small hive beetle and the Tropilaelaps mite infestations.
    12. It is opportune to use this baseline survey also to evaluate the effect of contamination of the pigs during transport and lairage, and contamination of the carcase during the slaughter process by taking carcase swabs.
    13. Taking into consideration the current supply conditions in external markets, the result of the allocation of the available quantities in June 2009 and the need of the processing industry to program its work, it is opportune to fix this second time limit in the first trimester 2010.
    14. Based on the OIE recognition and on those guarantees, it is opportune to include the entirety of the States of Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais in the list of territories from which imports into the Community of fresh de-boned and matured bovine meat are authorised.
    15. To enable the company to launch a market operation at the most opportune moment, the State is prepared to make an upfront prepayment towards the strengthening of the capital base in the form of a temporary shareholder loan, remunerated at market rates, placed at France Télécom's disposal.