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    • the act of rendering optimal




    1. Detector response optimisation
    2. Optimisation of the detector response
    3. Different optimisation mechanisms (algorithms) are used.
    4. I. Optimisation of existing airport capacity
    5. Scouting gradient conditions for optimisation of the chromatography
    6. New turbines, structures and components, optimisation of manufacturing capacities
    7. The business plan includes optimisation measures (such as […]) totalling EUR […].
    8. Laboratories involved in optimisation and validation of protocols
    9. Instruction 39/2006/03: Optimisation of Banning and Notification Checklist,
    10. The TOP plan also includes a staff management optimisation chapter.
    11. Activities will cover infrastructure, vehicles, vessels and component technologies, including overall system optimisation.
    12. The business plan includes optimisation measures (such as […]) totalling EUR […]. Furthermore, it is assumed that […].
    13. Optimisation experiments may be required to achieve maximum levels of sensitivity and specificity in all laboratories.
    14. Information on the standardisation and optimisation of those procedures during clinical development shall be provided.
    15. This provides for fleet reduction, fleet resizing, production optimisation, cost cutting measures and synergy potentials.